Newsletter April 2012

Dear all,
with this newsletter I would like to share some news with you about my activities as a jazz-singer and keep you up-to-date about any upcoming concerts.
  • My CD "Hidden Waltz" which I recorded with my guitar player Dany Schwickerath in 2009 is now also available on I-tunes andAmazon!! If you're searching on I-tunes under my name, you will actually find two CD's. Not only "Hidden Waltz" but also the CD "Sketches of a Working Band" which I recorded with the big band Blue Art Orchestra from Cologne in May 2010. You can also listen to the samples.

  • Since a couple of weeks I have a Facebook Page Here you can find all the news about my concerts, some video's and pictures. There's also a Music Store where you can buy and download my CD via CDBaby. So, if you're on Facebook and you are not friends with me yet, please don't hesitate to send me a friend request. And in case you're not on Facebook: my MySpace page is also still up and

  • On Saturday 2nd June we will be performing with the Blue Art Orchestra at the Meer Jazz Festival in Holland. We've been selected out of 60 international big bands to join the "International Big Band Concours" and we will play a set of 45 minutes in the afternoon (time still to be confirmed). If we make it to the finals we will play another set in the evening. More information can be found on:

  • For those who are living in Luxembourg: on Sunday-morning 6th May (11.30 - 13-00) I will be giving a concert together with the Rudi Schaaf Band in the Brasserie of the Abbaye de Neumünster in the Grund (Luxembourg). More information will come soon on: 

  • And on Tuesday 15th May I will be giving a concert in the Jazzkiste in Stuttgart with my guitar player Dany Schwickerath. This is part of a series of concerts called "Vocal Encounters" organized by my wonderful colleague Anne Czichowsky.

Well, this was the news so far :)
Hope to see you on one of my concerts or maybe on another occasion.
Lots of greetings!