Picture by Ivana Larusson
Picture by Ivana Larusson

When I was 9 years old I started singing with children's choir De Zonnepitten in Schijndel, the Netherlands, and I've been singing on stage ever since; in musicals, jazz-bands and choirs. At the age of 15 I fell in love with jazz music and when I was studying Educational Sciences in Utrecht I was able to develop my passion in the most enthusiastic vocal group of the Netherlands: Dekoor close harmony (chosen as best choir in Holland in 2007 on television program Korenslag). Later on I started having singing lessons with the wonderful jazz singer Denise Jannah.


After moving to Luxembourg in 1994, I was active in the theatre group Pirates Productions and in the choir Voices International. After getting into touch with the jazz-scene in Trier and attending several jazz workshops with Norma Winstone and Maria Pia de Vito, I started singing with the Rhythm & Swing Big Band in 2001 and started having singing lessons with singing coach and pianist Heinrich Thiel.


In 2005 I decided to make professional recordings in a studio and with the help of Georg Ruby (pianist, composer, big band leader) I recorded a demo in the Topaz Studio in Cologne. This resulted in playing at the L'Inoui in April 2006, one of the most beautiful theatre/jazz clubs in Luxembourg.


In 2006 I started a duo with guitar player Dany Schwickerath from Trier and I also joined the Blue Art Orchestra from Cologne with whom I discovered the music of Kenny Wheeler and started singing the Francy Bolland/Kenny Clarke repertoire.


With my quartet (Donald Regnier on guitar, Boris Schmidt on double bass and Yves Peeters on drums) I was invited by the Jazzclub Luxembourg to play at the Melusina in June 2007.


In 2008 I recorded my duo CD Hidden Waltz with Dany Schwickerath in the Tritone Studios in Trier which was released in September 2009 in co-operation with the Trierer Label Portabile Music.


In May 2010 I was in the Topaz studio in Cologne with Georg Ruby's Blue Art Orchestra where we recorded a double CD called "Sketches of a Working Band" which has been released at JazzHausMusik in October 2010.

In August 2010 I was invited by drummer/composer Andrea Marcelli to come to Berlin where we had two successful concerts at the B-Flat and Schlot Jazzclub.


In 2011 I started working together with Ben Heit who put a wonderful program together of songs from Joni Mitchell. We had our first concert at the Brunnenhof Festival in Trier in August 2011. With guitar player Dany Schwickerath I had several concerts in Trier, Bitburg and Luxembourg. One of the highlights was our Apéro Jazz concert at the Abbaye de Neumünster for the Jazzclub JAIL. End of August I joined Andrea Marcelli again in Berlin for a concert at the Schlot Jazzclub.


One of the highlights of 2012 was meeting our Dutch Queen Beatrix when she was visiting Luxembourg in March 2012. I was part of the cultural delegation of Dutch people in Luxembourg together with 5 other artists.

With the Blue Art Orchestra we performed a Gil Evans Tribute in the Stadtgarten in Cologne and in the Jazzschmiede in Düsseldorf. In springtime I started working with piano-player Frank Harrison from London with whom I performed some concerts at Pianos Kelly in Niederanven (L) and at the L'Inouï in Redange-sur-Attert (L). I also had a memorable concert with Dany Schwickerath at "das kleine Landcafé" in Kerpen (Eifel, Germany) in September 2012. This concert was mentionned later on in Jacques Berndorf's crime-novel "Eifel-Bullen" (see reviews).


One of the highlights of 2013 was a performance with my guitar player Dany Schwickerath on French television which was a new and exciting experience. Besides having many concerts with the Blue Art Orchestra and with the Rudi Schaaf Band I had the pleasure of singing several concerts with the wonderful piano player Frank Harrison. We played at the Cercle Münster, a very exclusive and beautiful private club in Luxembourg-Grund. And for the first time I sang on a jazz festival in Holland: Heerlen Jazzt. Again in a beautiful place, the Savelbergklooster in Heerlen. With Dany Schwickerath I recorded two videos at the Ancien Cinéma in Vianden (by Georges Majerus from Tritone Studios).


My main focus in 2014 was my new album with piano player Frank Harrison. We were in the Topaz Studio in Cologne for two days in February 2014 with the wonderful sound engineer Reinhard Kobialka and after that we've been producing the album ourselves, making all the decisions together. For the first time I've done the whole process myself, from the recording until the production and the release of the CD which has been a very rewarding experience. On 13th December 2014 we released our album "Beneath the Blue" in the Robert Krieps Hall in Luxembourg.


In February of 2015 I initiated a very exciting and new project with three artists from Luxembourg: Sonja Soyer, Irene Vlak and Laura Buhai. Together with piano player Frank Harrison I improvised on their artworks that were exhibited at Pianos Kelly in Niederanven. With Frank I had a couple of wonderful and memorable duo concerts in 2015 for instance at the Cercle Münster in Luxembourg town, at the Kurfürstliches Palais in Trier and a very intimate concert at the Residency of the Dutch Embassy. We also started working as a trio together with bassplayer Davide Petrocca with whom we had a concert at the Jazzclub Ettlingen in February and at Pianos Kelly in November. We recorded a video in Schloss Weilerbach that you can find here. I also had the great pleasure of performing two concerts with luxembourgish piano player Marc Mangen. These took place in Wittlich (Germany) and at ClassicMania in Luxembourg town.


In 2016 I took the initiative to create a new band with musicians all living in Luxembourg and my band Magenta Hill came to life. With this sextett we experimented with contemporary and groovy material and had some concerts in Luxembourg town, Thionville, Differdange and Merzig. In January I had the honour, together with piano player Frank Harrison, to be invited to Stockholm to sing for the Dutch Embassy. In April I had my last concert with the Blue Art Orchestra in the Jazzschmiede in Düsseldorf. After 10 wonderful years of singing with this great band I decided to expand my horizon and start some new projects. End of November I had two concerts with my trio (with Frank Harrison and Davide Petrocca) and an extra recording day at Pianos Kelly in Niederanven. We recorded many tunes for an upcoming album. 


In 2017 I started working with portuguese-luxembourgish guitar player Paulo Simoes and we performed throughout the year in many different formations. I also got introduced to trumpet player Pierre Kremer with whom we started a quartet and who also invited me to perform with the Luxembourg Little Big Band and the Luxembourg Brass Band on several occasions. One of the highlights was the charity concert for the Téléthon at the Conservatoire in Luxembourg in December. In the beginning of the year I had the great pleasure to perform with the Dutch band Pitch Plot 4 from fluteplayer Jeroen Pek.
With my trio we performed at the jazzfestival in Saarwellingen and we did an apero jazz concert at the Abbaye de Neumünster in October. For the first time I organised a singing workshop for 8 singers in Saarbrücken. 


2018 was the year of starting up the "Luxembourg Jazz Voices", a brand new jazz vocal group in Luxembourg. I started this group with the support of the INECC and trumpet player Pierre Kremer who encouraged me to start this new adventure. After some audition rounds we started rehearsing mid-april with a group of 14 singers and we had our first two concerts with the Luxembourg Little Big Band in July. One in Parc Brill in Mamer and one at the annual Blues & Jazz Rallye in Luxembourg city. In december we performed three more concerts at a sold-out ArcA (Bertrange), a charity event and on the Christmas market on the Place d'Armes. I hope more wonderful concerts will follow in 2019!

I also started giving singing lessons at home which is a great pleasure. It's wonderful to meet new people and to be able to help them develop their voice. 

To my surprise I got a royal invitation in May to attend the state banquet at the Grand Ducal palace in Luxembourg town where King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands were kicking off a three-day state visit to Luxembourg. First time to visit the palace with some good company ;-) and I felt honored to be invited with three other wonderful female Dutch artists living in Luxembourg. 

I had the great pleasure of performing two concerts with piano player Frank Harrison which we combined with a singing workshop the day after. One concert was at Camille Kerger's house in June and the other one at the Valentiny Foundation in Remerschen in October. 


Edith has played in concerts with: Georg Ruby, Blue Art Orchestra, Frank Harrison, Donald Regnier, Boris Schmidt, Yves Peeters, Jean-Yves Jung, Jean-Marc Robin, Davide Petrocca, Dany Schwickerath, Daisy Becker, Fred Hormain, Jeroen Pek, Nils Thoma, Marc Mangen, Ben Heit, Christian Mariotto, Jean-Luc Deat, Andreas Schmidt, Andrea Marcelli, Robin Draganic, Marque Lowenthal, Ekkehard Wölk, Ack van Rooyen, George Letellier, Benoit Martiny, Paulo Simoes, Ro Gebhardt and Pascal Schumacher.