Newsletter May 2013

Dear all,
leaving March and April behind us with not such great weather unfortunately (except on my birthday.... *:) happy) and stepping into May it's time for some new energy. Luckily we were able to enjoy the Coronation day in Holland on 30th April which gave the Dutch a nice distraction from daily life. Because of this special day, the City Magazine in Luxembourg interviewed four Dutch people to talk about their activities and about some typical Dutch stuff. In the attachment you can find two pages with a small interview and a picture. And of course read about the stuff we love and miss here, like "drop", "stroopwafels" and about celebrating "Sinterklaas".
Well, back to music: end of March I had a great concert in Kaiserslautern with the Rudi Schaaf Band and we had a nice review in the RheinPfalz (see attachment). Otherwise I've been concentrating on organising concerts in June and in the autumn that will mainly take place in Germany. For all the dates you can have a look on:
In June I will be performing two concerts with the wonderful piano player Frank Harrison from London ( which I'm very much looking forward to. One taking place at Pianos Kelly in Niederanven (Luxembourg) on Wednesday 5th June and the other one at the Raum für Musik in Saarbrücken (Germany) on Thursday  6th June. Please see the posters attached. In October we will also play at the Cercle Münster which is a private club in the Grund (Luxemburg). They organise events and evenings for their members but the concert is also open to non-members. This is Cercle Münster's website But more about this in my next newsletter. 
Here's a video from us by the way from last year at the L'Inouï, playing the song "Answer me my love": (Preview)
With the Blue Art Orchestra from Cologne we will have 4 upcoming concerts in Germany with lots of swing on the program. These are the dates:
27.05.2013 - Cologne, Stadtgarten
15.06.2013 - Burscheid (close to Cologne)
30.06.2013 - Burghof Bielstein, Wiehl (close to Cologne)
08.11.2013 - Merzig, Villa Fuchs (between Luxembourg and Saarbrücken)

Well, I wish everyone a lovely weekend and hope to see you at one of the concerts or on another occasion.
Lots of musical greetings!

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