Newsletter May 2016

My trio with Frank Harrison & Davide Petrocca!
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New Video

Dear all, in my latest newsletter I posted my first video of my trio with an italian song called Estate. We have a new video now with a swinging tune from Jerome Kern called The song is you and I'm thrilled to be sharing this one with you now. It is such a pleasure to be making music with piano player Frank Harrison and bassplayer Davide Petrocca and I hope you will enjoy our version of this lovely tune. Video by George Letellier and sound by Georges Majerus. 
Edith van den Heuvel Trio- The Song Is You
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An original song!

I'm also quite excited about this: last year I wrote lyrics on a beautiful and original tune from Davide Petrocca. The tune is called "I can't believe in spring" and as the title suggests, it's quite a melancholy song. Just so you know ;-) You can listen to it on my Soundcloud page or below on YouTube:
Edith v/d Heuvel Trio - I can't believe in spring
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I'm very happy that we will be performing again at Pianos Kelly in Niederanven on Saturday 26th November! If you're interested in classical music by the way there will be a wonderful duo concert at Pianos Kelly on Friday 20th May at 19:00. 

Very soon I will write another newsletter about my new sextet which we named "Magenta Hill". We have three upcoming concerts in Luxembourg and France so stay tuned! I will tell you all about it next time.


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