Lastest news and upcoming concerts May & June 2017

Dear all, 

here a little update of some upcoming concerts. Somehow I'm always involved in many different projects and bands and although it sometimes feels a bit hectic to do so many different things I do enjoy it very much to have all those different experiences and work with many wonderful musicians. Here a selection of what's coming up next:

Sophia's Garden Concert

This coming Saturday 13th May I have the honour and pleasure to be singing at a charity event organised by 10 year old Sophia Jansen. A little girl with a mission! 3 Years ago she started organizing garden concerts to raise money for a great cause in Afghanistan, a circus school for children where they can experience some happiness again and just have fun. And learn a lot of things along the way! Just as last year the garden concert will be taking place in the beautiful garden of the residence of the Dutch Ambassador in Weimershof from 14.00 - 18.00. To get more information about this concert and to support Sophia's mission you can follow her on Facebook.
If you would like to come, please let me know and I will give you all the details. I will be singing with guitar player Paulo Simoes along with other great artists such as singer-songwriter Josh Oudendijk, percussionist Eric Dürrer with Juan Carlos Gonzalez from Cuba and Duo des Ailes
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Concert with the Luxembourg Little Big Band

On 1st June I will be singing at the Cube 521 in Marnach with the Luxembourg Little Big Band. They have a new program insprired by the Cool Jazz Era of the 1950's with music from Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan and Gil Evans. Quite exciting to be singing with them at this great venue.
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Concert with Magenta Hill

On Saturday 3rd June at 11.00 I will be playing with my band Magenta Hill at the multi-culti festival in Differdange. It's a fun outdoor festival in the middle of Differdange town at the Place du Marché with lots of food stands from many different countries. We will be playing a mix of some groovy, funky and jazzy tunes. 

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A new album in the making.....

And last but not least: with my trio I'm working on a new album and I feel so blessed to be able to work with these two amazing musicians: piano player Frank Harrison and bass player Davide Petrocca. It was just wonderful to be recording with them and we've now finished mixing the tunes and we decided which ones we would like to have on the album. We recorded some swing tunes, some ballads, an original song, a beautiful italian love song, a swedish waltz and a composition from a luxembourgish composer. I can't wait to be sharing these new songs with you and I will definitely keep you up to date about a release date. For your agenda: on Sunday morning 8th October we will be playing at the Abbaye de Neumünster!
Well, I would like to wish everyone a great start of the week and would love to see you at one my concerts!

Many warm greetings,