News and upcoming concerts October 2017

What's coming up this fall?

A workshop and some exciting concerts!

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Concert in Bitburg this Thursday!

This week on Thursday evening 5th October I will be performing with 4 great luxembourgish musicians at the Bitburger Jazzclub. With special guest Eugène Bozzetti on the tenor saxophone. A relaxed evening with lots of old and new songs. And free entrance.
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Workshop "Singing your Song"

This coming Saturday 7th October I will be holding a singing workshop in Saarbrücken with 8 participants from Luxembourg and Germany. Every participant is preparing one song for the afternoon that they will practice and perform with my accompanists Frank Harrison and Davide Petrocca. In the morning we will be doing lots of warming up and vocal exercises and preparing the songs for the afternoon. Pretty exciting to be organizing this for the first time! If it goes well I might organize more of these workshops in the future. For sure I'm having a lot of fun preparing it!

Concert at the Abbaye de Neumünster

On Sunday morning 8th October at 11.00 I will be performing at the Brasserie Wenzel with my amazing accompanists Frank Harrison on piano and Davide Petrocca on the double bass. We will be performing new repertoire with songs in english, portuguese, swedish and italian. And even a very special and beautiful composition from the luxembourgish composer and piano player Marc Mangen. Be early if you would like to have a seat because it usually fills up quite fast.........
Free entrance. 
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Concert with guitar player Paulo Simoes

Since about two years now I have a wonderful musical collaboration with guitar player Paulo Simoes from Luxembourg. We often play together as a duo but also in other formations. On Tuesday evening 17th October we will be playing in duo at the restaurant Mont St-Lambert in Limpertsberg. This will be announced soon on Facebook:
Come and join us there for a relaxed evening!

On 16th December we will be playing at Casa Fabiana in Luxembourg town with bassplayer Davide Petrocca. More about that next time!

Thanks for your time, all the best and hope to you soon!!    Edith  🌺